Monday, April 18, 2011

My future.

Hello there,
just started my college in Taylor's Lakeside enrolled in Diploma in Hospitality and Management.
I met so many kind of people right here, there are good and bad influences.
well of course,to live up to the standard i want in future,I'll do all i can to score my best and succeed in what i am studying now.
Well some might think this course is pretty useless, but hey at least i can work anywhere i want because there is a demand for this job,not being just a hotelier,i might open my own restaurant or pastry house  next time,
who knows,everything is in god hands and i believe he will multiple my talent and shine.

Well,lecturers had been really kind to us,catching up with the college  lifestyle which is so different than high school.
its like crossing the red sea,there is a huge gap in between,
in terms of lifestyle,and freedom.
higher and leisure lifestyle.Talking bout freedom,
Honestly,in my course i don't get the freedom other courses get.
1.I must be professionally groomed everyday consisting of full make up and hair tie
2.Total formal outfit.
No casual wear or even slippers or sandals.
3. I have different uniforms for kitchen,restaurant and also house keeping.

After all,i have no problem with all the above,well.. a stage to prepare me for the real world out there.
not that easy but with GOD all things are possible.

Leanne,you will be able to eat and try my dishes that i will be learning soon.
Hope you don't get food poisoning..But enjoy.
I will prepare and serve with a HEART.
that's what I've learn so far.
and we hospitality students,tend to judge services on food and beverages nowadays.
Maybe we don't see what we've learned applied in the industry.
Well i guess that's human nature.Nobody loves to follow the textbooks cause some might be ridiculous.

I'll stop here although i wont be having class tomorrow.
a rest day and also a working day on my notes!



 On the 26th of March where my life settles down
for the past few months i had sleepless nights and nightmares regarding my spm results.
and on this day the moment i took the slip.
I'm relieved.
i got more than I've expected. Knowing me,i am a person that is not good in my studies and also lazy to study.
anyhow i managed to get A'S for the important subject.
It might just be a little for you people,but its more than enough for me.
Not hoping too much nor too little.

Off to pyramid with a happy heart and celebrated with my little sweeties!
Congratulations to Leanne,Rui Mien and Shu Yi, for their super good results.
these people are totally genius!

okay..had fried chicken chop for lunch then off to karaoke.

apparently, MS. shu yi dint turn up for the karaoke session,
but she managed to be here for the dessert time.
that's where we stopped by M.O.F.

where the Hokkaido ingredients and product comes in,
not a bad choice after all.
had a long chat and sort of gossiped bout peoples! that's how we find it interesting..
Hang out there till 6.30pm.
Leanne and I followed Moon to Connaught market for a shopping spree.
i brought rm300 there and spent them all on many things.
I bought 10 boxes of eyelash. for a good bargain and also toothpaste machine,
IPhone car charger but it never works. Also for yummy dummy food that we cant find out there.
Had a great day and went home with a huge smile.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where I am now.

Hello hello! i know i had not been updating for gezillion years.
but forgive me,i had been working and i could have enough time to sit infront of the comp to blog or edit photos.
From January till now.
i had been working for 2 months plus and heading into the third month.Indeed i had been enjoying my holidays as i awaits the spm result to be out.Super duper scare but will hang on and continue praying.

My beloved job and colleagues.They never fail to make my day awesome everyday.
We dont fight but we cheer each other up every single day.We hold on to each other and pick them up when they had fallen. We sing,dance and play around in the shop while we are working.Though I might be standing for 8 hours everyday with a 5inch wedge heel.But the pain does not comes to the mind because all of the happiness had covered all of them..
Even leanne used to work there during the Chinese New Year holidays.And she is able to get along with them perfectly well.

Nana Azmi.

Lavynia.Always the joyful one.

Chew yee.
The one that talks alot just like ME!

This is the 2 drama queens on that day.
They act and we take.

Along with the beloved manager Melanie and also the fashionista Theophilus 

Not to forget the Assitant Manager,Moon

Thats how i live everyday.along with them,leanne and my family.
I am totally satisfied with my life now.
I will get back to you guys as soon as possible okay?
I promise.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

The first.

Hello everyone,its been awhile since my last update and as you all know that i am working and i hardly have the time to even touch the computer to edit photos and blog about my daily life.Anyway,i am fine and love my job! though my leg almost die but i am still holding on.Love my colleague and also the managers! We get along really ell and all i can say no matter how tired and busy it may be.But we all have lots of fun and laughter together.
And i just got my first Pay cheque yesterday.Its Rm 857.40! The amount was satisfying and i am waiting for my commission pay cheque to come! That will be another bomb! So far i am the top seller in the store among the part timer and also full timer. The amount does not matters but the relationship between all of us are precious. I wanna thank My dearie Leanne Koh Koh! Whenever she's working,she will come early and drop by Jaspal to teman me! And i want to say sorry as well,cause sometimes i am so busy with the customers and left you there sitting alone! But thank you for supporting me yeah! and all the best babe,climbing the pigeon holes! and sooner or later you will be really good in climbing and become the Spider women! And ohhh Introducing one of my colleague. Nana Azmi,everyone call her cibai azmi.

We get along really well as we bond. Here i am back in Sabah right now. A whole long day tomorrow.
3.Off to the famous market to buy souvenirs!
4.Body massage!

I'll be back with more and more updates!

See you all soon! and goodnight peeps!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping Spree

Its a Saturday.
And of course what mummy,Hannah and I will do is drop buy the mall to buy some stuff!
We met up with Aunt Vincy  from Sabah in Damansara and off to One Utama together with Gwendeline and Brian,
Had our breakfast and lunch together in Nandos and walked around the mall..Brought them to Topshop and Topman to get some stuff while i get Leanne her Christmas Present..This year her present will be Topshop hottie..Its a teddy bear with stuffing that can be heated in the microwave and it cures period pain and keeps you warm! Leanne,you better use it!

Brian bought a jumper in Topman and he still wanted the Calvin Klein's Jumper.So i brought them to Calvin Klein and they don't sell it here cause the one he saw was is Calvin Klein Jeans Store.So it was a mistake and before we go back,we passed by Bebe and i went it,Saw some pretty sandals and surprisingly mummy likes it as well and its quite cheap for its sandals so we bought 2 Sandals for mummy and I and 1 flops for Hannah!
Went out the store with a huge smile and the sales girls in Bebe was so kind and fun to joke with!
But sadly i didn't get my jumper in Bebe! Its a little too overpriced compared to the price i saw in Singapore.!
Well i still bought something!

This is my day..Its been a long time since i step in Malaysia's mall.
and i am happy to be in it!


Quench 2010

Hello,it feels good to wake up on my bed today but not the hotel bed.
Pretty excited for today cause i will be departing to church for my YOUTH CAMP 2010!
Had fish noodle for breakfast with cousins and also small yee yee and Jerry koko that just arrived from Ipoh.
After meal we went over to 99speedmart to grab some cup noodles and also junks and drinks for later youth camp.Bought 4 cup noodles,1 bottle of green tea,2 cans of coke,5 packets of junk food!

Packed and showered and off we go!
Departed Jalan Gasing's Glad Tidings and i was a bus leader and i was late!
Sigh,so irresponsible aite? Its okay,i guided the passengers up the bus and did a head count.
Still not that bad as a bus leader and i slept through out the journey with my shades so people would not be able to see my sleepy face!

Reached Pemaisuri Beach Resort at 4.30pm!
Gathered in the hall.for a rough briefing and off we head back to our rooms!
My roomies was Eluth,Ejuen,Teacher Cindy,Rayna, Rachel,Joyce,Kim
The hotel room was horrible and ugly and dirty,
so we called the housekeepers to clean and they ignored our call.
Showered and rest in the room but most of the campers went over to the beach area,
But all of us were so lazy.

For dinner, we had dinner on the beach because it was the first night and the food was OKAY.
not very delicious after all..
Went over to talked to Nelson..

Night session begun and we did worship.everyone was excited and jumping!! and over joyed i would say..
Plus the sermon of Ps Julie Khoo was shocking and also knowledgeable.Powerful women of god i would say.

Second day,breakfast was okay and we had our morning session and lunch after that!
After lunch we changed into our swimming attire for some team building!
We gathered in the hall to do a head count then off the games started!
We have to run to places by places and get clue to do the mission!
So tiring but fun.

The third day,we did our morning session also along with breakfast and lunch then we had our free time!
Ejuen,Eluth and I went down to the pool area in the evening and playing with water by the pool.
Ejuen and I ended up in the pool thanks to somebody whom pushed us in! I don't even know who actually.
But we had fun.Watching the guys water wrestle and laughing through out..

Went over to the beach area to play Frisbee but both of us ended up stacking sand on Esther's leg and she cant even move.And we will pour sea water on the sand and it seems like she lao sai on the sand.
Funny Funny!

The Frisbee suddenly flew over and Juen and I was shouting and everyone on the beach heard us!

After that there was some drama going on within the Frisbee people so we dint wanted to join anymore and we started our own beginner group by the beach and alot of people joined us!Laugh and laugh all the way..

Night session was awesome!Pastor did some healing and we were supposed to pray for people and so am i.
There's some people whom cried super loud when the healing begun the takes it  places and one was demon possessed ..Pastor did casted it out and the girl was okay after that!
The healing and presence was so strong and indeed everyone was touch.

After the praying session we did lots of happy songs!
We danced and danced..
especially african dance!

Last morning,before we leave,they announced the winning group and my group wasn't the last surprisingly but the 5th!
Not bad team members!
Had our lunch and brought our bags down and ready to board on bus!
but before that obviously we had photo sessions!

Liang and I.

Random People in here!but of course i know them all.

Byee byee Port Dickson and i am grateful i did not get food poisoning in camp cause some of the food wasn't really clean and also cant wait to head home and eat mum's home cooked food!

Reach PJ at 5pm and daddy came over to pick us all.Ate our dinner and it tasted like the food from heaven!Roger slept over in my house and Roger and Caleb went out to hang out till 3am man!and its so impossible for Caleb to go out till this late!But they had fun and i had fun blogging!